Eloise Duncan, Principal Seymour Consulting, led Conexus through various stages of Financial Wellness strategy development with expert knowledge, passion and innovation. She immersed herself in our organization, familiarizing herself with all that we represent and all that we do to ensure a successful partnership. Eloise skillfully engaged our Conexus teams, built great working relationships with our employees, and was entrusted to spend time with our valued members. Leveraging research insights and innovation methodologies, Eloise was instrumental in helping us to develop our Financial Wellness Vision, Member Promise, Value Proposition and Strategy. All project deliverables were completed to a high quality, on time and within budget.

Eloise and her firm Seymour Consulting have been exceptional business partners for Conexus. They are responsive, innovative and dare I say “sneaky smart”. We have tremendous respect for their skills and would engage them again tomorrow if the need arises. They epitomize what it means to partner with organizations.”

Eric Dillon

CEO, Conexus

“I have worked with Eloise on numerous projects over the last 8 years. Most recently we completed an enterprise wide internal communications audit and strategy project. Eloise’s positive energy, strategic thinking and intellectual capacity are hallmarks of her approach. We now have a thoughtful, well-articulated roadmap that will be guiding our execution for the next 3-5 years. Without hesitation I say our project could not have gotten to the place it did, in the time it did, without Eloise’s expertise.”

Kari Grist

Managing Director, Communications & Marketing

“Developing an on-going partnership with Eloise Duncan and her team at Seymour Consulting Inc. has provided our Credit Union with an engaging, affordable and sustainable way to resource and evolve our marketing strategy and tactics to a much higher level of sophistication and effectiveness. Integrating Eloise’s experience and expertise at the strategic level has added a whole new dimension to our marketing world. She is very talented at communicating, connecting and sharing this energy with a very diverse group of stakeholders. Through a process of re-establishing our value proposition and brand, Eloise has very effectively helped us to better articulate and align our strategic objectives and operations in a manner which has serve to refocus, energize and excite everyone in our organization.

At ground zero, Eloise and her team provide responsive, comprehensive and timely support, including practical tools and tactics essential to the successful delivery of our value proposition and brand. Our partnership has maximized our return on our marketing investment and continues to exceed our expectations!”

Kelly Thomas


“The BC Pension Corporation engaged Eloise to help us vision our interactions with members differently, free of constraints. What emerged from the research we undertook, augmented with member focus groups, conversations with best practice leaders within and outside our industry, and cross functional in house interviews was a new and changing view of our membership. A path we originally intended to take was completely redirected towards one that put the member at the centre of everything we do. Transactions became life events; interactions became a moment to shine; communications became a multi channel opportunity to provide simple, relevant and impactful communications, meaningful to all stakeholders.

Eloise has a way to draw out the future from her clients and guide them to making the future possible. She has a special talent to make you the passionate owner of your strategy as opposed to many consultants who spend lots of money trying to get you to buy “their” strategy and “their” vision. She guides you to “your” strategy and “your” vision. And she does it at all levels of the organization.”

Lanny Smith

Vice President

“Eloise Duncan of Seymour Consulting recently helped us to develop our four-year enterprise strategy. Fully approved by our Board of Directors, this sets a clear path for innovation, member-centricity and growth for Prospera and our 450 employees. Partnering closely with our leaders, Eloise helped us discover new possibilities, assess our gaps and create compelling new strategies to transform the way we do business. Her strategy-to-execution experience and leadership in Customer Experience and Financial Wellness meant we got from “A to C” very quickly. All deliverables were created on time and within budget, and in a way that was engaging and inspirational for our team. Without hesitation, I would recommend Seymour Consulting to leaders of any customer-focused organization that wants to innovate and drive change – but needs capacity, expertise or both.”

Shawn Good

President and CEO

“The quality of strategic advice and support we have received over the past four years from Seymour Consulting is second-to-none. As our strategic advisor, Eloise has helped to develop our strategic business plan; mission, vision and values, value proposition and strategic marketing plans. This has helped us develop a new brand, bClear Benefits, to help grow our business and expand our market. Eloise’s leadership style and integrated approach helps our leaders and teams work together to drive results.”

Kevin Zakus