Seymour Consulting is a boutique, purpose-driven strategic consulting firm and social enterprise. We’re based in Vancouver, Canada and deliver services across the country and globally.

We’re lucky to work with some of Canada’s leading organizations, and can support you with:

  • Visioning and enterprise strategy development
  • Business transformation and change management
  • Financial health, resilience and well-being research, analytics and strategy innovation
  • Customer experience strategy & service delivery model innovation
  • B2B and B2C marketing and communications
  • Social enterprise strategy and not-for-profit impact work; and
  • Project and program management.

As a leading authority on financial health in Canada, we’re also working to help build a resilient, inclusive and equitable Canada. We’re working with Financial Institutions, Governments, NPOs and committed innovations to help improve the financial resilience and well-being of all Canadians, including those who are vulnerable and underserved.  We’re also creators of the Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM. Learn more

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Seymour Management Consulting Inc. is a member of the C.D. Howe Institute and Institute of Certified Management Consultants of British Columbia.

Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM is a trademark owned by Seymour Management Consulting Inc.