We’re a strategic consulting firm specializing in financial health strategy and business transformation, established in 2009.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, we’re leading independent experts in financial health, business and customer experience strategy. To drive impact, we’re leading financial health strategy, measurement and transformation through our fully-owned subsidiary, Financial Health Index.

We partner with committed financial innovators and institutions across the financial services ecosystem to help them support the financial health of their customers at scale, levering our deep expertise in banking, customer experience strategy and business strategy. We’re known for developing proprietary financial health indices and leading strategy linked to financial health behaviour change and the customer experience.

We also lead transformation projects across a number of other sectors outside financial services, including value proposition development, brand and customer experience strategy for leading organizations in North America and Europe. Clients include TELUS, UBC, Vancity, BC Pension Corporation, BCI, several credit unions and several other B2B and B2C companies. We also work with government, crown corporations, fintechs and social enterprises.

For us, every client and project is unique. Levering our proven methodologies, our experienced team provide customized projects for our valued clients and partners. Our expert team are all highly passionate about what they do, and we help create high-impact strategy into action.

Seymour in the News

Financial Health Index is our wholly-owned social enterprise and specialist research and consulting practice.

Led by our Seymour team, the company was first launched in 2016 to drive financial health measurement, strategy and innovation across Canada. Levering our proprietary framework and annual independent longitudinal Financial Health Index stud and, data insights, our growing team are working with leading organizations to help them improve the financial health, resilience and wellness of their customers at scale, while differentiating their business.

Visit our Financial Health Index website for our latest 2019 Key Findings and 3-Year Trends Report.

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