The financial world needs exceptional data and customer experience re-invention to power growth, and help improve the financial resilience and loyalty of their customers. Smart decisioning, re-invention and resilience are themes that have never been more important for consumers, businesses and society.

Consumers expect inspiring, personalized experiences, help and support – as they strive to get through financial stressors and shocks in life, improve their financial well-being and realize their goals.

Seymour Consulting can help you understand and measurably support the financial health, resilience and wellness of your customers, employees, small businesses and communities. We help organizations transform and re-invent the way you engage and serve your customers – translating insights into strategies, and strategies into action.┬áThis leads to stronger trust, increased brand differentiation and customer loyalty. It also enables smart decisioning and targeted support, increased customer loyalty, share of wallet, new customer acquisition and ultimately, growth and impact.

By working with us and applying the Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM, Financial Institutions and other organizations can measure and track the ability of their customers to get through financial hardship, stressors and shocks as a result of unplanned life events, with multiple applications. Through research analytics, advisory services and customized projects, we work with business leaders, policymakers and innovators to build healthy, resilient communities.

We also lead enterprise strategy and transformation projects across a number of industries to help our clients deliver exceptional experiences and re-invent the way they do business.

Please contact us for a consultation or more info on our services or collaboration opportunities – we’d love to help.

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Seymour Management Consulting Inc. [‘Seymour Consulting’] is a strategic consulting firm and the leading authority on financial health in Canada. We’re members of the C.D. Howe Institute and Association of Certified Management Consultants of B.C.