Seymour Management Consulting Inc. is a purpose-driven strategic consulting firm based in Vancouver, Canada.

Founded in 2011, we lead strategy, research and measurement and transformation projects across a range of industries, in North American and Canada.

We are also a leading independent authority on financial health in Canada, and recently launched the Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM. This is the first index of its kind in the world, and enables Financial Institutions, Government and committed organizations to measure and help improve the financial resilience of their customers or citizens at the national, provincial, segment and individual household levels.

Our passionate team are experts in banking, strategy, data analytics and new product and service innovation. We’re keen to work with values-aligned organizations and leaders to drive re-invention and help support their customers, leaders, employees and communities. We have proven innovation methodologies and provide customized projects and solutions, as a boutique consulting firm with a lean business model.

Please contact us for a consultation or more info on our services or collaboration opportunities – we’d love to help.

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Seymour Management Consulting Inc. [‘Seymour Consulting’] is a strategic consulting firm and the leading authority on financial health in Canada. We’re members of the C.D. Howe Institute and Association of Certified Management Consultants of B.C.